Perfect Pairings: One Hope Sparkling Wine + Haus Urban Apothecary

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We’re into mushy and gushy self-love over here – and what better way to do it than with a bubbling glass of One Hope Sparkling Wine and beauty products from the freshly launched Haus Urban Apothecary. Here’s what we’re glowing about: One Hope Sparkling Wine is the perfect hostess wine and one to enjoy with […]

A little birdy told us….get to robbins nest wine bar!

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We love little back alley foodie spots, and as if you thought we were kidding,  Robbins Nest in Downtown Santa Ana is literally in an alley. Tucked away on West 2nd Street in the famous Arts District, this unassuming wine bar has an East Coast vibe with brick wall backdrops, jazzy live music, and an […]

Goodnight Sun: wtt’s Favorite Sunsets

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That blink of a moment, beauty frozen in time as the sun makes it final descent into the horizon – the whispering sound of millions of people catching a breath as they witness the magic of a sunset. We’re sharing some of our very favorite, most breath-taking sunsets with you. Please share yours with us […]

5 Must-Dos for a City Slicker in Wyoming

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5 Must-Dos for a City Slicker in Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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We were recently invited to a wedding in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and we could not have been more excited and honored for the invitation. As a city slicker however, my anxiety initially spikes when I am called to travel into the wilderness. I immediately can hear the Troop Beverly Hills’ theme song in my […]