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Our wine-drenched fairy-tale starts off as two quirky step-sisters born in Laguna Beach, California with a bewildering case of wanderlust, cheesy-food cravings and champagne panic attacks. We were raised in Beverly Hills where we learned a thing or two about style and a lot about parallel parking! Now back in the O.C., we are hitting the town to show you the best in wine, food, fashion, and parties! When we’re not taking in the local charms or hitting the 405 for LA fundays, we have our passports ready for tropical trippin’ and jetset adventures. Follow us for a taste of something beautiful…

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In my past life I know I was a fierce mermaid, because I drink like one. But in this life I am a ditzy writer who loves to travel, eat the local cuisine, and live a semi-charmed and chill life in California. I graduated from fashion school in Los Angeles (my degree is full of dust), was former marketing director at Nekter Juice Bar (will work for juice cleanses), and now I spend my days living out of a suitcase, seeing the world. I love yoga, meditation, and naps (sometimes I nap at yoga). I have two cats who hate to travel, a healthy obsession for the Real Housewives of every county, and Hashtags “#’s”are my second language. @cocktailsandunicorns

Favorite Wine: Pinots as in Noir and Grigio – also Champagne, bottomless!
Favorite Tastes: vegan food, andy warhol art, mid-century modern design, Stella McCartney style
Favorite Travel: venice, barcelona, palm springs, napa valley



A California girl through and through. Growing up in Los Angeles and then living in San Francisco for my college years, I was exposed to so many wonderful and culturally diverse cuisines and experiences that have shaped my palate, taste, and love for adventure and trying new things. I currently live in the burbs of Orange County. I am a PR and marketing specialist like Samantha, a wife like Charlotte, and now a blogger like Carrie.

Favorite wine style: Bubbles… I love Champs, Sparkling wine, and Rosé.  A nice Pinot Noir or bold Cab will also do the trick.

Taste-Food: I really don’t discriminate against types of food- that’s just wrong. However, if I was trapped on an island with only one type of food I would like Sushi, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Pizza, Burgers, a breakfast burrito…. Clearly being trapped on an island isn’t going to work for me.

Taste- Style: My home is Modern-Chic with Fifty Shades of Grey- literally my favorite color is grey. Classic with pops of pink describes my wardrobe. I’m also a sucker for a good maxi dress, fun prints, stilettos, and yoga pants that make my butt look on point because I haven’t seen the inside of a gym since… Unless you count wine tasting on my couch in yoga pants.

Favorite Travels: Any island with no cell service, Palm Springs weekend getaways, and Big Cities with lots of diverse cuisine and good people watching.

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