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It’s All In The Family At Stefano’s

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You may know them for their Golden Baked Hams, but the Stefano family has taken your traditional Italian-American deli and elevated it with an innovative take on your favorite Paninis, sandwiches, salads and breakfast items. Stefano’s is a family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing excellent food, great service and reasonable prices. The […]

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The Trough- Sandwich Wishes and Onion Ring Dreams

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With lunch usually being my first meal of the day, I love to find fast-casual spots that offer more than just your basic turkey sandwich and chopped salad. I want something hearty and flavorful. The Trough Sandwich Kitchen in Rancho Santa Margarita, offers an array of masterfully crafted hot and cold sandwich and breakfast items […]

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Enjoy the Savory Side of Sweet Lady Jane

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Growing up in Los Angeles, a birthday party was not complete without the heavenly Triple Berry Cake from Sweet Lady Jane. It is seriously a cake sent from the Gods, and I have missed it ever since I moved out of LA almost a decade ago. When I heard Sweet Lady Jane was coming to […]

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