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Feeling Royal at Rasoi’s in South Orange County

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Living in the land of strip malls and chains, I am always super excited and curious when a new restaurant opens- especially when it’s not boring “Americana”or fake-fancy cuisine. Since leaving San Francisco, I have longed to find the little hole-in-the-wall restaurant gems where I can’t read the menu and the staff have that “if […]

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Sushi Porn – wtt’s favorite sushi spots


We love sushi! Obsession is a light term we’d like to use for our intoxicating love for the tasty Japanese cuisine. What is your favorite type of sushi? Where are your favorite places to go for sushi? Let us and other readers know your go-to hot spots and where they are located – maybe we […]

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A little birdy told us….get to robbins nest wine bar!

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We love little back alley foodie spots, and as if you thought we were kidding,  Robbins Nest in Downtown Santa Ana is literally in an alley. Tucked away on West 2nd Street in the famous Arts District, this unassuming wine bar has an East Coast vibe with brick wall backdrops, jazzy live music, and an […]

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Goodnight Sun: wtt’s Favorite Sunsets


That blink of a moment, beauty frozen in time as the sun makes it final descent into the horizon – the whispering sound of millions of people catching a breath as they witness the magic of a sunset. We’re sharing some of our very favorite, most breath-taking sunsets with you. Please share yours with us […]

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Krazy for K’ya Happy Hour

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Like settling for the perfect guy – happy hours have to have certain qualities too. We look for handsomely priced, delicious eats, and cool ambiance and well let’s put it all out there….mac n’ cheese. K’ya Bistro & Bar sits nestled on the bottom floor of the Casa del Camino hotel in Laguna Beach. They’re […]

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