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The Trough- Sandwich Wishes and Onion Ring Dreams

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With lunch usually being my first meal of the day, I love to find fast-casual spots that offer more than just your basic turkey sandwich and chopped salad. I want something hearty and flavorful. The Trough Sandwich Kitchen in Rancho Santa Margarita, offers an array of masterfully crafted hot and cold sandwich and breakfast items […]

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Poqet Donuts Brings Whimsical Treats to the OC

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Disneyland for Donuts? Yes, please! Poqet Donuts, the latest donut shoppe to hit the O.C., features a tantalizing array of uniquely flavored donuts promised to give your tastebuds the ride of their life. Adventureland: We love adventure, and what better way to get a taste of it than to try Poqet’s daring flavors. Avocado donut […]

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Seabirds Kitchen : you are what you eat, and you are beautiful!

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Don’t look away meat eaters! I tend to lean towards being a vegan foodie – yes I get excited by vegetables and nuts that can be blended into cheese. I also get hot and heavy over jackfruit tacos and butternut squash enchiladas, both of which Seabirds Kitchen has on their meatless menu. A magical wizardry […]

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Fins, New Fast-Casual Poke Concept in South OC

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First came cupcakes, then doughnuts and now…. Poke? It looks like “Poke” is the new food trend of 2015, and I am not complaining. Every time I open my Instagram, my feed is flooded with beautiful images of bright pink and orange cubes over a bed of pearly white rice. Poke is usually my go-to […]

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A little birdy told us….get to robbins nest wine bar!

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We love little back alley foodie spots, and as if you thought we were kidding,  Robbins Nest in Downtown Santa Ana is literally in an alley. Tucked away on West 2nd Street in the famous Arts District, this unassuming wine bar has an East Coast vibe with brick wall backdrops, jazzy live music, and an […]

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