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28 Questions Later: Andrew Winters, Mixologist The Blind Rabbit

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If Alice fell down The Blind Rabbit’s hole and Andrew Winters handed her a cocktail and said “Drink me,” it would have been a whole different Wonderland- and we would never leave. Andrew’s cocktails are majestic, interesting and challenge you to use all senses. His Portland roots give him a unique perspective on ingredients and […]

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28 Questions Later: Trevor MacMoto, Mixologist Hatch

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If you thought you knew what a Tiki drink tastes like, then forget it immediately and get over to Hatch at the Union Market in Tustin. Mix master Trevor MacMoto @liquiddigestife, has put innovation, creativity and heart (not cow heart) into their incredible menu of craft cocktails with a fresh palate of pleasing twists. We […]

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28 Questions Later: Jarred Dooley, Mixologist at Playground

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While House of Lannister is busy slaying dragons, Jarred Dooley is busy slaying fierce cocktails at Downtown Santa Ana’s Playground. Dooley is Head Mixologist & Director of Libations at the popular foodie lover’s joint and we think he is quite worthy of the Iron Throne – what other king would craft kick-ass cocktails and midnight […]

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