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28 Questions Later: Kevin Felker, Bartender Water Grill

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We had a dream last night about Water Grill’s Beverage Director, Kevin Felker.  Yeah, we were at this dive bar dancing and double fisting smooth cocktails, bouncing our heads back n’ forth while the DJ was spinning Wicked Games on repeat. He was behind the bar and made the best drinks in the joint and […]

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28 Questions Later: Andrew Winters, Mixologist The Blind Rabbit

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If Alice fell down The Blind Rabbit’s hole and Andrew Winters handed her a cocktail and said “Drink me,” it would have been a whole different Wonderland- and we would never leave. Andrew’s cocktails are majestic, interesting and challenge you to use all senses. His Portland roots give him a unique perspective on ingredients and […]

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28 Questions Later: David Valiante, Mixologist SOCIAL Costa Mesa

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We bellied up to the bar with master mixologist, David Valiante (twitter @dvaliante), of SOCIAL Costa Mesa to ask him some quirky-ass questions about bartending and the midnight munchies. He’s the kind of guy we’d totally take shots with and binge on some serious History Channel. When not working behind the bar you might find […]

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Aloha Hour at Roy’s

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We love a good happy hour almost as much as we like a bottomless brunch- especially if it’s offered seven days a week. With the long hours everyone has to work these days, it’s way too hard for anyone to make HH as most of them cut off at 6:30pm- at least let them go […]

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5 Must-Dos for a City Slicker in Wyoming

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We were recently invited to a wedding in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and we could not have been more excited and honored for the invitation. As a city slicker however, my anxiety initially spikes when I am called to travel into the wilderness. I immediately can hear the Troop Beverly Hills’ theme song in my […]

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