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Cocktails and Curiosities at Sushi Roku

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sushi roku newport beach
sushi roku newport beach
sushi roku newport beach
March 9, 2017 / By / , , , , , , , , , / Post a Comment

Sushi Roku Newport Beach has a tantalizing selection of divine cocktails and tasty dishes paired perfectly together as if #twinning was the trending hashtag at this hot sushi restaurant inside Fashion Island.

The bartender kept our mouths hydrated with a stunning bottle of Champagne as Chef Shin worked his magic to bring us a #NSFW display of boozy drinks and orgasmic #foodporn.

Some of the dishes we dived into:

  • “Hanabi” spicy tuna on crispy rice – Amazing, so good!!
  • Brussels Sprouts Chips drizzled in truffle oil and salt – can we just eat these everyday?
  • Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) – be careful! they actually move on the plate!

Here’s what we are currently obsessed with at Sushi Roku Newport Beach

Fluke Kumquat Sashimi with yuzu vinaigrette and a lychee martini that is picture-perfect as much as it is mouthwatering.


sushi roku newport beach










Tuna Tartare Phyllo cups with yuzu guacamole and soy truffle paired with the refreshing, but with a kick Bulldog cocktail

sushi roku newport beachcocktail










This chocolate bomb dessert explodes when the hot creme is poured over the top to reveal a tasty chocolatey and fruity treat inside. 










Sushi Roku is located at Fashion Island Shopping Center in Newport Beach.

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