28 Questions Later: Trevor MacMoto, Mixologist Hatch

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If you thought you knew what a Tiki drink tastes like, then forget it immediately and get over to Hatch at the Union Market in Tustin. Mix master Trevor MacMoto @liquiddigestife, has put innovation, creativity and heart (not cow heart) into their incredible menu of craft cocktails with a fresh palate of pleasing twists.

We sat dowIMG_5111n with Trevor to get up close and personal to see what really makes him tick… What really blew us away the most about Trevor and his team is the level of care and interest they take when it comes to providing a truly euphoric experience that will keep you coming back for more. They are always up for the challenge to create a new cocktail just for you. Tell Trevor what you like and usually drink, and he will whip up something faster than you can say Hopetown Bahamas. He is a magical libations mind reader. We have never felt so understood and cared for- now if only Tinder could convert these skills into their software.




 28 Questions

  1. How long have you been a bartender? 10 years
  2. Hometown? Wheaton, Maryland
  3.  First bartending job? Bartending at fraternity and sorority houses
  4. First Cocktail you learned to make? Blue HawaiianIMG_5659
  5. Favorite Vacation Spot? Hopetown Bahamas
  6. Best Advice You’ve Ever Received? “Never ask anyone do to something that you wouldn’t do yourself, in other words in order to be a leader you much first set the example”
  7. TV show you’re currently hooked on: Tiny Homes and Dr. Who
  8. Favorite Emoji : Thumbs up
  9. Song you’d Karaoke to: Never Karaoke
  10. Drink of choice: Gin + tonic or Vieuxcarre 
  11. Wine, Beer, or Spirit? (which spirit) All three in the same glass- it can be done…
  12. Surprising thing in your fridge: Cow heart
  13. unique cocktail ingredient you’re into right now: Kiwano melon from Africa and champagne vinegar
  14. Cocktail you’d never drink: Cosmo
  15. favorite midnight snack: Chili dogs and ramen
  16. favorite shot: I have yet to find a shot that impresses me
  17. We want to make a cocktail called California Girl – it has elderflower liqueur and….A blonde girl from California holding a bottle of elderflower liqueur
  18. What’s the biggest bar tab you’ve seen: $800IMG_5121
  19. What are your favorite places outside of Hatch for cocktails: Side door, Pizzeria Ortica, Social
  20. #1 mistake people make when crafting a cocktail: Not understanding the guests and not measuring correctly.
  21. Tap or bottled beer? Tap
  22. Three essential things you need at a bar: Come to Hatch and find out
  23. Have you ever been tipped with something other than cash? A replica of a gold coin from a pirate ship
  24. Favorite phone app: Mobile justice
  25. Actor you would want to play you in a movie? The love child of Liam Neeson, John Cho and Mr. Miyagi
  26. Worst night to work? Mother’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve. Christmas is the saddest day to work, but you can make a difference in someone’s life- like “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  27. Worst Date you ever witnesses: We heard the saddest story. Too sad to repeat. What we learned- Listen to your date!
  28. Next trend in cocktails? Sherry, Gin is making a comeback, reeducating our palates

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