28 Questions Later: Koire Rogers, Mixologist at ARC

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FullSizeRender_3In case you’re wondering where all the cool people in Orange County have gone, maybe they’ve all been sucked into one human named Koire Rogers. When he’s not crafting seriously tasty cocktails, you can find him sipping on some fine-ass bourbon, belting out “Shoop” by Salt n’ Pepa on karaoke night, and still packing Rolos – because who doesn’t love those gooey caramel, chocolaty, lampshade-shaped candies? Koire Rogers is the Main Man Mixologist (MMM – we just gave him his very own rapper name, no disrespect to Eminem, but can he really make a fierce martini?) at Arc Restaurant at the SOCO/OC Mart Mix. Let us be the first to tell you his cocktails are like a delicate, pretty flower with a stinging bumble bee on top – smoothly delicious, with an addicting bite. He is so cool he even answered all of our ridiculously quirky, but the people-really-want-to-know questions.

28 Questions

  1. Hometown: Costa MesaFullSizeRender_1
  2. First Bartending Job: Five Crowns, Corona del Mar
  3. First Cocktail you learned to make: Martini Vodka
  4. Favorite Vacation Spot: Santa Barbara
  5. Best Advice you ever received: Failure is not fatal, failure to change is fatal. Don’t ever quit trying.
  6. TV Show you’re currently hooked on: Ray Donovan
  7. Favorite Emoji: Explosion
  8. Your Karaoke Song: “Shoop” by Salt n’ Pepa
  9. Drink of Choice: Whisky neat, bourbon and Mezcal
  10. Wine, Beer, or Spirits: Wine – Burgundy
  11. Surprising thing in your fridge: a lot of pickles
  12. Unique cocktail ingredient you’re into right now: Galliano (popular ingredient in Harvey Wallbanger)
  13. Cocktail you’d never drink: Cosmopolitan
  14. Favorite Midnight Snack: Rolos
  15. Favorite Shot: Amarro Fernet “bartenders handshake” FullSizeRender_2
  16. We want to make a cocktail called “The California Girl” it has Elderflower Liqueur and….. : vodka, lemon, champagne
  17. Biggest Bar Tab you’ve seen: $1,500
  18. Favorite Places outside Arc for cocktails: Vaca, 320 Main
  19. #1 Mistake people make when crafting a cocktail: not balanced, not measured correctly
  20. Tap or Bottled Beer: Bottled Beer
  21. Have you ever been tipped with something other than cash? Weed
  22. Favorite phone app: Instagram
  23. Best or Worst Pickup line you’ve heard: “Heaven just called, they’re missing an angel”
  24. Worst night of the year to work: New Year’s Eve
  25. Next Big Trend in Cocktails: Mezcal
  26. Favorite Dive Bar: Patrick’s on Harbor Blvd.
  27. Biggest Pet Peeve at the bar: (bar staff) not cleaning up after yourself
  28. If they were to make a movie about your life which actor would play you? Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington


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