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28 Questions Later: Jarred Dooley, Mixologist at Playground

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August 3, 2016 / By / , , , , , , , , , , / Post a Comment

FullSizeRender_2While House of Lannister is busy slaying dragons, Jarred Dooley is busy slaying fierce cocktails at Downtown Santa Ana’s Playground. Dooley is Head Mixologist & Director of Libations at the popular foodie lover’s joint and we think he is quite worthy of the Iron Throne – what other king would craft kick-ass cocktails and midnight snack on Cheez-its? Him and his other boozy talented Wildlings – Brock Woosley, Michelle Valdovinos, Jordan Fernandez, and Kim Pedersen are mixing up some fantastical cocktails. Yes, the Game of Thrones’ references are rapid, but Dooley set off a geek bomb in us.  We’re both binging GOT so we are using it as a clever segway and SEO booster to promote Jarred Dooley as one of our fave bartenders in the OC.


We sat down with Jarred and a couple of cocktails (each!! hello we ain’t wimps) and asked Dooley some pretty hard hitting questions – just kidding we just wanted to know which hip hop song he’d karaoke to.

28 QuestionsFullSizeRender_1

  1. Hometown: Anaheim
  2. How long have you been bartending: 7 years
  3. First Bartending Job: The Bruery, Placentia
  4. First Cocktail you learned to make: Neroni
  5. Favorite Vacation Spot: France
  6. TV Show Currently Hooked on: Game of Thrones
  7. Favorite Emoji: Don’t use them – goes old school with – ” :)”
  8. Song You’d Karaoke To: “California Love” – Tupac
  9. Drink of Choice: Brandy, neat
  10. Wine, Beer, or Spirit? Rosé all the time when it’s hot outside, good rosé vermouth
  11. Surprising thing in your fridge: No ketchup
  12. Unique cocktail ingredient you’re into right now: Less is more mentality, shrubs and sherries
  13. Cocktail you’d never drink: There’s a time a place for everything
  14. Favorite midnight snack: Calvados and Cheez-Its
  15. Favorite shot: Angostura Bitters
  16. We want to make a cocktail called “California Girl” it has Elderflower Liqueur and….. : vodka, lemon, berries,
    Jordan and Michelle are part of Jarred's Team at Playground

    Jordan and Michelle are part of Jarred’s Mixology Team at Playground


  17. Biggest Bar tab you’ve seen: $1,000
  18. Favorite places outside Playground for cocktails: My house, Lola Gaspar
  19. #1 Mistake people make when crafting a cocktail: not enough water, not enough dilution, muddled flavors
  20. Tap or Bottled Beer? Can
  21. 3 Essential Things you need at a bar: clean workspace, channel knife, shift beer
  22. Have you ever been tipped with something other than cash? one of my bartenders got hotel keys
  23. Favorite phone app: Guitar Tabs, NFL mobile app (Jarred’s team is LA Rams)
  24. Biggest Pet Peeve at the Bar: towels that aren’t folded (staff), labels that aren’t cut (staff), putting a napkin over you’re drink (customers)
  25. Worst night of the year to work: Valentine’s Day – people have the biggest expectations and we aren’t that type of place
  26. Worst date you’ve ever witnessed: One guy having two different dates in the same night, came back twice.
  27. Favorite Dive Bar: The Pump Room
  28. If they were to make a movie about your life, which actor would play you? Jack Black or John C. Reilly
  29. Next Big Trend in Cocktails: Sherry and Vermouths, but I hope it’s Aperitifs and Digestifs as part of the normal dining experience



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