28 Questions Later: David Valiante, Mixologist SOCIAL Costa Mesa

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IMG_1561We bellied up to the bar with master mixologist, David Valiante (twitter @dvaliante), of SOCIAL Costa Mesa to ask him some quirky-ass questions about bartending and the midnight munchies. He’s the kind of guy we’d totally take shots with and binge on some serious History Channel. When not working behind the bar you might find him in the Caribbean drinking anything but Puckers.

28 Questions ~

  1. Hometown: Huntington Beach
  2. How long have you been a bartender? 14 years
  3. What was your first bartending job? Market Broiler, Huntington Beach
  4. First Cocktail you learned to make: Cosmopolitan
  5. Best Advice you ever received: Keep it simple, stupid.
  6. Favorite Vacation Spot: Caribbean
  7. TV show currently hooked on: American Pickers (History Channel)
  8. Favorite Emoji: Thumbs up
  9. Karaoke song: Can’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
  10. Drink of choice: Old Fashioned
  11. Wine, Beer, or Spirits? Spirits -Whisky
  12. Surprising thing in your fridge: butter
  13. Unique cocktail ingredient you’re into right now: Sherry
  14. Cocktail you’d never drink: Anything with Puckers
  15. Favorite Midnight Snack: Chocolate Covered Peanuts, anything with peanuts, love peanuts
  16. Favorite Shot: Montenegro
  17. We want to make a cocktail called “California Girl” – it has elderflower liqueur and…. : vodka, lemon, grapefruit, FullSizeRender_2fresh mint
  18. The biggest bar tab you’ve ever seen: $1,000
  19. What are your favorite places for cocktails outside SOCIAL: no answer – has too many bartender friends.
  20. #1 Mistake people make when making a cocktail: not understanding the ice so they know to shake it less, aerate it
  21. Tap or bottled beer? Bottled
  22. 3 Essential things you bring to a bar: bar tools, ice, fresh juices
  23. Have you ever been tipped with something other than cash?  free oil change card, kisses from girlfriend, someone left bud once which was strange
  24. Favorite phone app : Instagram
  25. Worst night of the year to work: New Year’s Eve
  26. Next Big Trend in Cocktails: more rum, a little more tiki, full force 80s 90s stuff coming back, frozen drinks
  27. Biggest Pet Peeve at the bar: Tinder Dates
  28. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would play you: Johnny Depp



Honey Boo Boo cocktail served in a Honey Bear Jar: St. George Gin, Grand Poppy, Honey, Meyer Lemon, Bergamot Bitters, Thyme


In Love with Coco: Espolon Tequila, Coconut Rum, Aperol, Watermelon Juice, Coconut Water + Lime

In Love with Coco: Espolon Tequila, Coconut Rum, Aperol, Watermelon Juice, Coconut Water + Lime

FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender

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