28 Questions Later: Andrew Winters, Mixologist The Blind Rabbit

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If Alice fell down The Blind Rabbit’s hole and Andrew Winters handed her a cocktail and said “Drink me,” it would have been a whole different Wonderland- and we would never leave. Andrew’s cocktails are majestic, interesting and challenge you to use all senses. His Portland roots give him a unique perspective on ingredients and makes for an added level of earthy inspired flavors that add a dynamic flare to his creations.


photo credit: The Blind Rabbit

Andrew has been mastering his craft for over 19 years, and today he is still so thoughtful with each cocktail he shakes up, bringing innovation and a little sparkle to elevate his patrons experience (He is a master with a torch).  Sit with Andrew for 90 minutes- yes there is a time limit at the The Blind Rabbit, and you will be taken back to an era of mystery, allure and great libations.

To learn more about Andrew check our 28 ice breaker questions below.


  1. How long have you been a bartender?   19 years
  1. Hometown?
    Portland, Oregon
  1. First bartending job?
    Mom’s bartender at age 14IMG_5213
  1. First Cocktail you learned to make?
    Dirty Martini
  2. Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?
    “Do what you like”
  3. TV show you’re currently hooked on
    Peaky Blinders
  4. Favorite Emoji
    Winky Face
  5. Song you’d Karaoke to
    Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry
  1. Drink of choice
  2. Wine, Beer, or Spirits (which spirit)
  3. Surprising thing in your fridgeIMG_5151
    A moth
  4. unique cocktail ingredient you’re into right now
    Navy strength gin
  5. cocktail you’d never drink
    Adios motherfucker
  6. favorite midnight snack
  7. We want to make a cocktail called Portland Girl – it has elderflower liqueur and….
    Aviation gin, st. germaine, absenthe, rosemary glasse, lemon juice, rosemary spring torched, grapefruit
  8. What’s the biggest bar tab you’ve seen
  9. What are your favorite places outside of Blind Rabbit for cocktails
    My House
  10. #1 mistake people make when crafting a cocktail
    Not measuring correctly.
  11. Tap or bottled beer?
  12. Three essential things you need at a bar
    Torch, copper tools, spoon
  1. Have you ever been tipped with something other than cash?
    Silver dollar, cufflinks and tie


    photo credit: The Blind Rabbit

  2. Favorite phone app
  3. Actor you would want to play you in a movie?
    Tom Hardy
  1. Worst night to work?
    Girlfriends b-day
  1. Biggest Pet Peeve at the bar
    When customers touch bar garnishes, bar not being clean
  1. Worst pick up line
    Does his smell like chloroform to you?
  2. Favorite dive bar?
    Dots in Portland
  1. Next trend in cocktails?
    Molecular gastronomy

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