Union Market MV gives new life to South County

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Union Market Mission Viejo
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Union Market Mission ViejoIn case you aren’t 12 years old and haven’t been to the Kaleidoscope center in awhile, you may be surprised that this once lifeless center is now getting a fast beating pulse with the addition of Union Market Mission Viejo. A sister space to  Union Market Tustin, UMMV is South County’s new watering hole with hyper-focused eateries including Milk Box – a tea bar, Anchor Hitch – seafood bar, and The Hummus Bowl – (exactly what it says, bowls of hummus).

Here’s what we love:

  1. Even though people cringe at the thought of “hipsters” taking over the nation, we actually like the quirky, trend-setters in food & drink establishments that take us out of society’s norms. I mean we love Starbucks, but we don’t mind waiting an extra three minutes to craft a killer coffee drink either. So Union Market MV might be the anti-establishment of the OC strip mall norm, and that is plenty fine with us. We are LA natives and welcome any type of creative movement that lurches in the dark corners of mega-centers that struggle to attract consumers with just blah burgers and tacos.
  2. Milk Box is an all natural, milk tea bar that crafts some delicious flavors into a refreshing and invigorating tea
    Milk Box Bar Union Market Mission Viejo

    Milk Box left to right – Mustache Tea, Earl Grey Lavender Tea, Strawberry Basil Black Tea

    offerings. We love the Earl Grey Lavender milk tea which seems to calm our mind and soul, and the mustache tea is a whimsical tea with a foamy top that is sure to give you that “got milk tea” stache.

  3. The Hummus Bowl is the answer to the question – “Where do you want to eat?” – “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” “Argh! I don’t know, you’re the vegan one.” The Hummus Bowl features a yummy selection of hummus-focused bowls like The Quinoa Bowl (quinoa, charred brussels sprouts) and Red Lentil Bowl (red lentil, tomatoes, onions, spices) along with Mediterranean sides like falafel, smokey Baba Ganoush, and tahini. While most dishes are vegan, there are some that include soft-boiled eggs
  4. Eat, Work, Play vibe. If you want that “I work for Google, just kidding” experience, Union Market Mission Viejo is designed as a big open space featuring communal tables to eat with beautiful strangers, ping pong tables, and plenty of decorational (we just made that word up, feel free to reuse) plant-life to take those instagram-worthy selfies.
    Anchor Hitch:

    Anchor Hitch: shrimp stuffed ravioli

  5. Anchor Hitch is a seafood bar that has that Bay Area feel. Feast on specialty oysters like crispy pesto and cilantro lime. We loved the Tom Yum Agnoletti – shrimp stuffed ravioli, tom yum cream, sesame seeds, scallions, and maitake mushrooms.

The Union Market Mission Viejo also features other outlets like Market 2 Plate (an italian eatery) and Portola Coffee Lab.

Union Market Mission Viejo is located at The Kaleidoscope Center ~ 27741 Crown Valley Parkway, Mission Viejo, CA

union market mission viejo ping pong

play time at Union Market Mission Viejo

The Hummus Bowl

The Hummus Bowl’s Spicy Red Lentil Bowl

anchor hitch interior design

anchor hitch cool interior design


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