Cafe Katzentempel: Munich’s Vegan Cat Cafe is my personal heaven

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Cafe Katzentempel cat cafe
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cafe katzentempel cat cafe

Cafe Katzentempel serves up yummy vegan fare

FullSizeRenderCats + Vegan Food = Cat Lady Wonderland.

Cafe Katzentempel is Munich’s first and only cat cafe serving tasty vegan fare among a bevy of fluffy, adorable, mostly napping cats. The menu is classic vegan with mostly veggie dishes, sandwiches, curry rice, and soul-warming chai lattes. The following review is from my vegan cat lady persona. We can call her Bethenny.

OMG! OMG!!! I seriously am dying! First off, hello? A genuinely vegan cafe in Europe is like dream status and then with cats? Like cats are lounging in carpet trees throughout the restaurant while I’m nibbling on a delicious vegan veggie and rice curry.

I played it cool the whole lunch, just observing other crazy cat ladies do their thing. It was hard to concentrate on the meal as adorable cats were cat napping around the restaurant – quiet, cuteness overload scene it was.

I politely finished my lunch while other patrons played with cats. The manager came out and gave people cat treats to feed them, but I didn’t take the bait. I had my eye on the fluffer behind me, fast asleep in the cat tree. I know, it’s totally rude and I was so selfish to wake up the cat just to play with it, but come on! – I came all the way from California to pet this German kitty.

Cafe Katzentempel cat cafe

This is the cat I woke up. She doesn’t look too happy.

Of course she didn’t seemed amused when I petted her awake, but I’m sure that’s just part of her charm. The highlight of the cafe was the people watching. Plenty of cat ladies like me sitting with their boyfriends whose face plainly said, “WTF am I doing here?” as their girlfriends were smiling and gazing every time a cat moved passed them.

There were about six cats in the restaurant who seemed less than impressed with the other patrons – ha! typical cats – more impressed with naps. Some of the menu items included…


  • butter pretzels
  • bean & chia seed burger
  • Tempelsandwich with seitan and avocado creme spread
  • potato wedges with choice of dips
  • hummus plate with Baba Ganoush

Cafe Katzentempel is in Munich, Germany.

089 / 20061249
Türkenstr. 29
80799 München

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