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LA Weekly’s 1st Annual Brunch at the Races

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bloody mary with pork belly and melty cheese from 10e bar in DTLA
la weekly brunch at the races
October 18, 2015 / By / , , , , , , , , , , , , , / Post a Comment

la weekly brunch at the racesMe and my girl squad hit up LA Weekly’s Brunch at the Races at their inaugural event today held on the lawns of Santa Anita Race Track which mixed horse racing and boozy brunch tastings from LA’s hottest eateries. We chose the VIP ticket, because for just a tad more Lincolns we were able to score a goody bag (can never have too many Whole Foods reusable designer shopping bags filled with swag) and a special “VIP only” section where mixologists were crafting swanky cocktails in hipster attire.

Here’s what we loved:

  • Dark Horse Vineyards wine tasting. Not gonna lie even though the cups were small, they poured them full and by the end we were like “yay, I love life” The Dark Horse Big Red Blend was a bottle worth buying on your next trip down the wine aisle.
  • Knob Creek making mad mint juleps in the VIP section. It was basic betch style to have a mint julep at a race track, but Knob Creek has some straight up tasty bourbon. The bartender was all sorts of cute too, but it was 10am and we were too sober to ask him what time he got off.
  • McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams out of DTLA and Santa Barbara (hello college days!) had
    mcConnell's fine ice cream caramel salted chip

    caramel salted chip fine ice cream

    some fine tasting salted caramel chip ice cream that literally made me forget about my loser ex-boyfriend for like one minute as I was savoring every lick. So good! If I get a pint of this stuff, I might be able to wipe him out of my brain for a week.

  • Eagle Rock’s Auntie Em’s Kitchen had one of those samplings that had us going all Oliver – “Can we have s’more, Governa?” (insert child british accent here). Their tasty grits dish was like this hipster southern dish that melted on your tongue and the essence of pure goodness just stayed there until you got your bloody mary to wash it down.
  • Infuse Vodkas literally made my life. It was a hot day today and I was sweating like Rhianna at da club and their refreshing vodkas were just the thing I needed to refresh and keep going. Now yes they have lemon infused, peach infused, and mango infused, which all are amazing, but the orange clove and chili pepper infused is like whoa! hello! I felt like a mini-girly version of Anthony Bourdain and I was on some tropical island in the middle of nowhere throwing back crazy ass flavored vodka feeling all totally special and shit.
  • The Blue Owl Cafe, another yum-filled Santa Barbara eating house served an incredible biscuit and egg drowning and I mean SOS save this poor biscuit in clam chowder. However I didn’t. I literally killed that biscuit and dunked him further in the chowder, because I’m crazy like that when I eat breakfast and no one is saved. May the doughboy have mercy on it’s flaky little soul. RIP little biscuit.

Other highlights include Stella Artois pouring full glasses of beers and I got to take the glass home because I needed two more to complete my set. Hornitos tequila pouring shots because we weren’t hammered enough from the vodka, bloody marys and mimosas. Speaking of ….. yes mimosas in a can because we’re classy like that. Hard Frescos – cute little bottled drinks that tasted like Mexican fresco sodas, but haha they fooled you with their 5% alcohol and your mild buzz.

Things I didn’t like:  I lost $12 on the horse race. You owe me $12, Mayflower. I was counting on you!

For more LA Weekly events check out their page here.

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