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Rockin' the Casbah with this vegan chai latte

Rockin’ the Casbah with this vegan chai latte

A little downtime to kill in LA and just wanted a chill place to work on the blog and get the f**k out of the heat. A little corner cafe in the heart of Silverlake came into sight as I found myself getting lost in what I thought was Los Feliz but soon turned into Silverlake…. oh LA! How I love your “don’t even blink or you’ll miss ’em” neighborhoods.

The Casbah Cafe was totally my vibe at that moment – the vegan menu, ginger lemon iced tea, and the air conditioning blowing like an ice storm. The interior was welcoming with it’s Parisian-Turkish boho-style accents, and bazaar type market offerings. I went with the veggie sandwich in a pita and the refreshing ginger lemon iced tea.A quiet and inspiring space where people chomp at their laptops to write that perfect piece of art.

The counter is set up like a mini-market of freshly baked goods including

Casbah Cafe serves up yummy vegan fare - like this veggie pita sandwich with ginger lemon iced tea

Casbah Cafe serves up yummy vegan fare – like this veggie pita sandwich with ginger lemon iced tea

homemade jams, baklava, and scones. I took home an apricot jelly with sauvignon blanc as an appropriate souvenir for my breakfast-loving wino self, but not before ordering a hot chai tea latte with almond milk. Yes, it’s 100 degrees outside and I ordered a hot tea – because inside it was like Antarctica.

The staff was super friendly which can be a hit or miss in these “hipster” hoods, and the menu was a refreshing blend of

vegan specialities, healthy soups, salads and sandwiches. A great little spot to get your quiet on and refresh from the heat.

Casbah Cafe 1900 W. Sunset Blvd Silverlake, CA 90029. Free wifi.


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