LACMA, with Love : a photo gallery

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The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art has evolved from the once “just a museum” hangout. It now is home to incredible works of art, entertainment, educational workshops and seminars, a relaxing courtyard with restaurants, coffee shops, and artsy boutique shops. A day spent at LACMA is a day well spent.

What We Love:

  1. Urban Lights installment right outside the museum entrance is as awesome a sight in person as it looks in the pics. Really a whole exhibit in itself.
  2. The selection of Contemporary Art from Mondrian to Warhol and the stunning sculpture works.
  3. The coffee shop/cafe has seasonal favorites that are unique and tasty mixed by “coffee-0logoists” with fresh ingredients.
  4. The museum shop on the upper level is incredible. Amazing books on art as well as gift items made specifically for LACMA
  5. The views of Los Angeles, the Hollywood sign, and towering palm trees from the top level is not to be missed!

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