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The arch at Anacapa Island

The arch at Anacapa Island

Gilligan “Hey you wanna go on a 3-hour tour with me?”

Ginger “F**k off, Gilligan. Remember what happened the last time?”

And so it goes, a day trip to Anacapa Island, one of the five channel islands off the coast of California. I was excited about this trip as I had recently returned from Hawaii and was still on the high of island life, but was def not prepared for the rocky trip ahead.

I jumped on a tour with Island Packers who picked my friends and I up in a tour bus outside a CVS in Fountain Valley (stay classy my friends). I was the last one on the bus, because I’m late for everything, and to my surprise was the only one under 70. It was a Golden Girls crowd that reminded me I needed to make a hair appointment as my coif was getting a little haggard. Old people always have great hair-sprayed hair.

The tour was hosted by a comical-type guy with geri-curl hair that was reminiscent of a 70s porn star – but oddly enough, it worked with this crowd. When we arrived to Ventura we stopped off at the beach for a little photo op and then to the Aquatic Center where we got to watch a film about Anacapa Island. The film was a little on the “snooze” side, however the real entertainment were the sea lions barking outside on the docks.

From there we ate a yummy mexican meal at MargaritaVille (well played) and then did a little shopping at the cute boutiques along the marina.


It was time to board the boat – and boy was it packed! We were warned by the overly accommodating boat crew that those

Margarita time at Margarita-Ville

Margarita time at Margarita-Ville

sitting in the first row were going to get lots of backsplash (hahaha we were in row two – SUCKERS!). As the boat sailed off and into the wide open waters I was reminded of one thing…..I get seasick and OMG I just had a full on mexican meal.

It was quite a rocky ride and so naturally the only two bathrooms on the boat were in use all the time. People were getting quite nauseous – and no surprise so was I. It was a little chilly on the boat too as we became the SUCKERS because the row 1 people moved and all the water was towering over us. I was soaked, cold, and nauseous. It was like real life Moby Dick without the whale. The waters were so choppy that even the boat crew couldn’t move about the boat. I put my hoodie over my head and stayed silent as not to disturb my stomach any further.


And aaah yes, like finding a waterfall in a desert – the beautiful island of Anacapa appeared. Suddenly my tummy felt better and I gazed on the beauty of the deep blue sea and the stunning arches that surround the island.

The beauty of Anacapa Island

The beauty of Anacapa Island

5 Facts About Anacapa Island:

  1. Anacapa is the closest island to the mainland – just 12 miles off of the shore of Oxnard
  2. It’s comprised of three small islets – East, Middle, and West
  3. Anacapa is home to many nesting seabirds including the endangered California Brown Pelican
  4. Exploration is only permitted on the East Islet
  5. The population of Anacapa is only 3. Park Rangers live there to look over the island.

Check out the beautiful gallery of photos here taken by WTT and also on their website . Was the beauty worth the suffering? Always. Adventure is never meant to lie dormant – sometimes the divine comes the the discomfort. And besides….I had a glass of white wine afterwards and I was totally fine.


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