I Want to Swing from the Chandeliers at POP

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You had me at champagne and chandeliers. Well really- you had me at champagne… POP Champagne & Dessert Bar in Pasadena is basically the mothership for all my champs worriers. If you feel lost in the world and need a place to go where people understands your love and passion for all things bubbly then this is your new haven.

In general, I am usually very picky about my bubbles and just like them straight up. I mean why ruin a good thing with juices and syrups. So I went to POP with both excitement and curiosity on how it could possibly elevate the enjoyment of my favorite beverage.

To my delight it succeeded! The exterior gives you that French bistro vibe, and when you walk in you are overtaken by the beauty of exposed brick, the glistening of gold and silver frames, and the sparkle of chandeliers from above. It has a warm and inviting feeling, yet hip and chic.

The menu is extensive and everything looked and sounded amazing- but my focus was on the champagne cocktails.

POP RoyaleWe started with the Pop Royale, which is made with sparkling wine and Crème de Cassis. The bubbles were crisp and the Crème de Cassis, a dark red liqueur, gave it a hint of sweetness, but was nicely balanced by the subtle sourness of blackcurrants. It was delicious! Crème de Cassis is now a staple in our home bar.

For our second round, we ordered the Bellini noir made with sparkling wine, white peach puree and a pinot noir float on top. Loved the concept as it mixed my two favorite wine varieties. It was also well-balanced and wasn’t too sweet. The presentation was also beautiful- it looked like a sunrise in the flute.

For dinner, I chose the Ahi Burger, which was perfectly seared and  garnished with wasabi mayo, pickled ginger and cucumber POP Ahi Burger (1)slaw, and an avocado purée. Served with nori dusted fries. The combination was very tasty.

Then to dessert. The dessert menu is extensive and everything sounded incredible. We however, decided to drink our dessert and had the Almond Joy- a sparkling wine cocktail with almond syrup. To my surprise it was not too sweet and gave the drink a nice little nutty flavor.

We definitely hope to get back to POP again soon so we can try some of its desserts and of course more sparkling cocktails!


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